LAIBACH CLASSIC Natural Sweet Wine 2017

VARIETAL 100 % Chenin Blanc
ALCOHOL 7.5 % vol.
pH 3.32

A new release of an Old Laibach faithful. This wine is made only in some years from a very old Bush vine vineyard, planted in the early 1970’s. It is not a botrytis wine, this you can immediately see in the colour. We let the grapes hang for a very long time and when they start to look like “young” raisings we pick them. Usually the sugar degrees are around 30 – 32 balling at picking. We do some whole bunch pressing and will in a good year only yield around 300 – 350 liters per ton.

We work reductively with the juice by using dry ice and lots of gas in the tanks before filling. We settle with enzymes and get the juice as clean as possible before we inoculated with very weak and slow yeast. After around 2 weeks and 1/3 of fermentation (usually around 7.5%) we stop the fermentation using sulfur, filtering and lots of cooling. The wine is bottled in the first week of April.

Very light, almost pale colour. On the nose some hay but also some green apple, stone fruit and pineapple. The palate is fresh with almost a sweet sour sensation. Lots of candy characters on the palate but not sticky at all. Freshness is king here and will always be in this very enjoyable wine. Enjoy on its own, but can be served with some duck liver pate.