LAIBACH and SEEGER Pinot Noir 2012

VARIETAL 100% Pinot Noir
pH 3.53

We proudly present a completely new wine in our range. The heart break grape has found a place in our very popular portfolio. With a very good history and reputation with the local grape Pinotage we have decided to try our luck with one of the parents, Pinot Noir. We managed to source some very good grapes from a very unknown and very extreme place in South–Africa. Not only one of the highest vineyards, but also a vineyard that will see a few days snow in winter. A very rare thing in a wine growing area so close to the equator. The wine is the result of a close cooperation between the especially for his outstanding Pinot Noir well known German vintner Thomas Seeger from Leimen near Heidelberg and our winemaker Francois van Zyl. The grapes are handpicked and stored in a cool warehouse before it is transported to us. We use Burgundy as our inspiration and therefore we do leave some whole bunches in our fermentation tank. We also do not crush too much and allow about 30% whole berries in the open tank. 3–5 days pre cold soak is followed by a cool and slow fermentation with temperatures peaking around 20 degrees. We are very careful of over extraction and therefore we do only 1 punch down per day. Total time on the skins will be about 20–25 days, after a soft press will follow. All the press juice is blended back and malolactic fermentation is in small selected Burgundy barrel. Great colour for a Pinot Noir. On the nose some oodles of fruit with strawberry, raspberry and some barrel toast evident. Light bodied with a fantastic freshness on the palate. The palate is well rounded and again there is an explosion of fruit which is well supported by some good expensive French oak. A wine for every occasion, not only will it complement food but it has enough complexity to keep 8 –10 years after the vintage.