THE LADYBIRD Organic Rosé 2019

VARIETAL different varietals
ALCOHOL 13.0 % vol.
pH 3.42

A new release of a funky organic hugely enjoyable 2019 rose. We make this organic Rose wine since years with quite a bit of this also exported. We use to make it from Pinotage and then we started to use more “Bordeaux” grapes until this year when we decided that we will keep the cultivars a secret. Do people that drink rose really dink varietals or are they just looking for a light style fresh enjoyable summer drink? We think fun and enjoyment is more important.

We use only organic grapes grown all over the Western Cape for this wine. Please note we do not use bleeding of late picked high alcohol reds for this wine. We pick early to preserve the freshness and we try to make a low alcohol light colour refreshing drink. We have very little skin contact after destemming and crushing and we do add some enzymes for settling.

After settling we work reductively and we rack and add commercial selected yeast for a slow cool fermentation. We are looking for explosive fruit and therefore we need clean juice to ferment and also use cooler fermentation temperatures to achieve this. We do not keep the finished wine too long on the sediment and try to bottle it at the latest 3 months after harvesting. We bottle in a standard flint bottle sealed by a screwcap.

Lovely light salmon colour. A fantastic fresh nose with good dollops of passion fruit, white stone fruit and hints of raspberry. Palate is fresh and full of flavour with a nice lingering polished acidity. A wine for summer but with enough complexity to be enjoyed with salads and light seafood dishes.