VARIETAL 100 % Pinotage,
ALCOHOL 12,5 %
pH 3,63

A new release of our traditional bottle fermented MCC Rosé sparkling wine. This wine, made from 100 % Pinotage this year is very unique to the South – African wine scene. The grapes for this wine are grown in two completely different appellations. The one block from Laibach, is unirrigated and about 20 years old. All grown without trellising it is not often you find a “champagne style wine” grown on bush vines. The deep clay based soil which consists of decomposed granite gives lovely fatness and creaminess to the final wine. The other block comes from a small organic vineyard in Prince Albert which is nearly 400 km away. Very cold winters and a big difference between day and night temperatures in the growing season adds some lovely natural minerality and acid. The soils are rich of organic material around the roots system enhancing the complexity of the final wine.

The grapes are whole bunched pressed. Natural settling for 48 hours before a racking and adding of EC1118 wine yeast. Juice is treated with dry ice to prevent any oxidation. Fermentation is done at lower temperatures and will last generally 2–3 weeks. The second fermentation is done inside the bottle and the bottling under crown usually happens towards the end of winter. We do not use any finning agents for this wine and like our other organic products it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

A lovely salmon pink color. On the nose lovely fresh fruit with some candy, mixed berry and strawberry evident. Although the wine is an extra brut with almost zero dosage the wine is balanced with a creamy and rich palate and just enough acid to guarantee you a second glass. Good lingering bubbles to enjoy on its own but with enough substance and complexity to complement food.