VARIETAL Pinotage & Chenin Blanc,
ALCOHOL 12,5 %
pH 3,63

A unique South–African wine - the first organic MCC in South – Africa, certified off course. It is a typical South–African blend of Chenin Blanc and good old Pinotage. So not even one of the traditional “Champagne” varietals. This bottling is probably our best one to date. Why? I feel we created a fantastic balance with Zero dosage in this bottling.
The grapes are all handpicked in the early hours. We do whole bunch pressing on the Chenin but this is impossible on the thick skin low juice Pinotage grapes. So we are forced to destem and crush. We go straight into the press for a long slow press. We treat the juice reductively from the get go and therefore limit the uptake of any oxygen. We also, like with all our other wines, do not use any fining agents and therefore this wine is also vegan friendly. We do a normal quick inoculated fermentation with EC 1118 yeast with nice and clean juice and low temperatures. We usual wait around two months to bottle under crown for the second fermentation. At least 12 months under crown follow and then we riddle everything by hand. This is really the most labour intensive wine we produce.
Lovely light salmon pink colour. On the nose lovely fresh strawberry with hints of lemon grass and some tropical aromas. Palate is balanced with a fantastic sugar acid ratio. Really explodes in the mouth with a medium size bubble and a fresh citrusy aftertaste. Lovely creaminess with a medium bodied palate and with enough complexity to even compliment food.

The grapes are whole bunched pressed. Natural settling for 48 hours before a racking and adding of EC1118 wine yeast. Juice is treated with dry ice to prevent any oxidation. Fermentation is done at lower temperatures and will last generally 2–3 weeks. The second fermentation is done inside the bottle and the bottling under crown usually happens towards the end of winter. We do not use any finning agents for this wine and like our other organic products it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

A lovely salmon pink color. On the nose lovely fresh fruit with some candy, mixed berry and strawberry evident. Although the wine is an extra brut with almost zero dosage the wine is balanced with a creamy and rich palate and just enough acid to guarantee you a second glass. Good lingering bubbles to enjoy on its own but with enough substance and complexity to complement food.