THE LADYBIRD Chenin Blanc 2019

VARIETAL 100% Chenin Blanc
ALCOHOL 13.5 %
pH 3,56

A new release of our popular lighter style Chenin blanc 2019. We make this
wine from older Chenin blanc Vineyards that grow in the Paarl and
Stellenbosch appellation. We usually pick these grapes quite early in
February. We harvest everything by hand and we destem and crush. In some
years some skin contact, usually overnight, is given to add to the mouthfeel
and complexity of the wine. We are looking for something tropical and fresh
showing with good enjoyment and drinkability.

After a 24 – 36 hour settling with enzymes we rack reductively and add a
commercial yeast strain to do a clean and cool fermentation. This way we add
maximum freshness and flavour. Fermentation temperatures peak at around
17 – 18 degrees and will usually last 2 – 3 weeks. We stick to our natural way
of winemaking and we do not use any finings, like milk, kassein, pvpp or
gelatin. Only little bit of sulfur is added before a sterile bottling in May.

Lovely fresh nose of hay, guava and pineapple immediately jump out of the
glass. The palate is fresh with good fruits and ripe juicy acidity. Freshness is
so important for this wine and therefore moderate alcohol levels are very
important to us. A wine that shows exactly what modern day white wine
making is all about. Best to enjoyed 1 - 2 years after bottling.