LAIBACH RESERVE Friedrich Laibach The Founder's Blend 2016

VARIETAL 50 % Merlot, 42 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 8 % Cabernet Franc
pH 3.49

This wine is named after the man that had a vision to own a winery in South – Africa when the country was just in the early parts of establishing itself after the “apartheid “era. Now many years later we can select the very best barrels from certain vintages to honour him. The wine should be a true expression of our terroir and our commitment to quality at all cost.

The grapes for this wine are grown organically in vineyards that truly are among the best red wine ‘terroirs” in Stellenbosch, South – Africa. We do not have irrigation in these vineyards and the deep clay allows for slow ripening, great structure and longevity in the wines. We destem, but we do not crush before a very strict sorting regime removing all the unwanted green stems by hand. We do most of the fermentation in small open top fermentation tanks and we extract with gentle punch downs and some pump overs in some years. We do not use any fining agents or other chemicals in our winemaking. For reserve batches we prefer natural yeast and allow temperatures to peak at ± 30 degrees. Some selection of the best tanks during fermentation will be kept separate and this will go into the best new barrels we have bought. We only use French oak because this is best for our structured grapes. After 14 – 16 months the best handful of barrels will be tasted and selected to end up in the flagship blend.

Dark red colour. An array of flavour with ‘cassis” , wild spice, leather and some tomato cocktail evident. The wood is still very prominent and the wine has lots of potential for further ageing. On the palate some good ripe tannins and beautiful classic savoury elegance. Length in abundance and a fantastic mid palate structure. Drink 2 -8 years after vintage.

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